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Waste Management Planning

Technical planning of waste management facilities including landfill sites is carried out and consultation with the public to elicit feedback implemented, as required. Peer review capability is also provided to strengthen the decision making process. The site selection process for a landfill or mine waste dump requires the consideration of a number of factors. Detailed studies of the soils and hydrogeology of a prospective site and an in depth understanding of the ecological factors which would be affected, particularly the social fabric of the community, must be carried out. The company is available to complete the master planning which will result in the timely implementation of a waste management site with the consent of stakeholders including the directly affected public.

The 3Rs of Waste Management

In Ontario a target of reducing waste to 50% of the 1987 volumes was set for the year 2000. This target pertains to solid waste generated from all sources and going forward volumes should be reduced accordingly by 2020 to half those achieved to 2000. The 3Rs - recycling, reduction, re-use apply to ICI - industrial, commercial and institutional establishments like large factories, large hotels and large schools. Source separation and auditing of the program must now take place. To make sure you are in compliance check with the EPA Regulations or contact us for a free consultation. With OSHA hazardous waste management certification and experience worldwide with toxic waste including nuclear and carcinogenic substances, expertise can be mobilized in short order