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Mitigation Measures

The Company evaluates construction requirements and environmental impacts for the design of procedures which will lessen or eliminate significant undesirable impacts. Mitigation measures can be implemented during construction with environmental inspection to minimize negative effects, thus allowing development to proceed in compliance with local standards and international best practice.

Relevant Projects

  • As-built Report, Pipeline Construction - Clarkson, Ontario
  • Environmental Follow up Report, R3-R4 Pipeline Construction - SE of Edmonton, Alberta
  • Cuiaba Gas Pipeline Construction Oversight, restoration and camp decommissioning, Bolivia and Brazil
  • Hanzou Bay Directional Drilling HSE oversight, Shanghai, China
  • BTC - Construction Oil Pipeline oversight - Turkey, to IFC standards
  • Kazakhstan - Construction of Refinery and Oil Pipelines - to IFC, IPIECA/OGP standards
  • Environmental Management of the Oil Sector - Uganda - Environmental Inspection in the Albertine Graben

Cuiaba Pipeline

During horizontal direction drilling drilling muds containing oil and other additives need to be contained and disposed of in accordance with local waste management regulations. Following pipeline installation grouting of the hole for the pipeline was required for this 1 km installation through this ridge, to stop groundwater from flowing from the mountain.

Bolivia pipeline

Installation of  pipelines during dry weather conditions is best yet dust suppression is needed where air quality may compromise health and safety of workers and local residents. Although a narrow footprint is desirable adequate working room for topsoil storage and set up for watercourse crossings has to be planned for and land rights acquired.

Where waste such as drill cuttings are deemed hazardous burial in lined cells may be appropriate. During construction soil erosion will ensue so erosion controls including silt fences and straw bales are needed to reduce downstream impacts.

Uganda Hazardous Waste Facility

 Uganda water users

Water use downstream may be adversely affected by sedimentation during construction not only for fish, but by residents, in this case washing clothes. 

Oil Pipeline Sediment Filter

Straw and geotextile filter cloth sediment traps can be used for dewatering pits, to prevent sedimentation of sensitive watercourses.

Erosion control measures can include silt fences and gabion baskets to direct water flow to lateral French drains on steep slopes. This KP 66 restoration work at "El Farallon" in Bolivia on the Cuiaba pipeline prevented the sandy, erosion prone soil on this 33 degree slope from washing out following pipeline installation and reseeding with curlex matting.

Cuiaba Pipeline

Workmen install mulch and curlex matting on steep slope at KP 66 of the Cuiaba Pipeline in Bolivia.